Written Off Cars

Written Off Cars

If your car has been written off you’re probably wondering where you should go from here.

Suffering a car accident can be distressing enough in itself without then having to deal with what to do with the wreck of your car too.
Avoid inconvenient, expensive and lengthy repairs

If an insurance company has declared your vehicle to be a category C or category D write off then this means they deem it to be uneconomical to repair and unfit for use.

Cat D write off example

Cars that have been written off usually cost more than their value to repair meaning that it makes no sense to try to do so. If you were to pay to get your vehicle repaired it would be a mammoth job and you would be off the road for a long time. Once repaired you’d then need to arrange a Vehicle Identity Check with the DVLA to check the car’s road worthiness before you could get it up and running again.

Cars that have undergone major repairs are also prone to breakdown more frequently in the future!

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It doesn’t matter what the make or model of your car is, all you need to do is let us know the registration number to receive your free quote.
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